VET & Lifelong leaning

Lifelong learning is increasingly taking a prominent role in the education and training policies in EU. Making lifelong learning a reality for all and reaching at least 15% of adults participating in lifelong learning activities are two of the main objectives of the European strategy Education and Training 2020. However, the fact that low-skilled adults have the lowest level of engagement in educational activities remains a concern in the EU education policies.

With its strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training, ET2020, the European Union supported the concept of lifelong learning by coordinating cooperation between Member States on training and formal, non-formal, and informal education.


Improving quality standards for career learning and guidance

Shaping the Employees of the future by strengthening intrApreneurial skiLls & mindset

An innovative approach to support VET teachers/trainers through the digital transformation of VET education

Improving and extending the supply of high-quality learning opportunities for adults

VAE INTERNATIONAL Validation of acquired skills and experiences International (VAE INT)

New Hera - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

INTERACTed - Interactive digital narratives in school education

Using interactive infographics as access points to work-based online learning environments for diversity management in multi-ethnic, age-diverse workforces