School support & curriculum design

School support

The Square Dot Team is involved with school education, skills and career counselling. We aim at developing curricula for students and teachers that ensures everyone can make progress and develop new skills that will increase the quality of the their services.

Square Dot Team is involved in piloting and dissemination of material for the use of teachers and the creation of awareness among students for a wide range of policy challenges including, environment and climate change, digital tools, culture and heritage, school counselling.

We are currently working on the design, implementation and piloting of VET programs to improve skills and competences of VET trainers and counsellors. More specifically on:

  • Analysis of impacts of (higher) education
  • skills gaps analysis;
  • optimization of policies related to VET and career counselling

Square Dot team is also conducting research on the effect of culture and heritage and working on the implementation of training curricula for schools on the importance of digital heritage. The company is involved in activities related to the creative sectors and the improvement of the working environment in the CCIs.