Guiding Schools

Improving quality standards

Project Details

Project Name: Guiding Schools – Improving quality standards
for career learning and guidance
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
School Education
Project ID:
Duration: From 01/09/2020 to 31/08/2022
Topics: Career guidance, school education

Guiding Schools

Project Description

The GUIDING SCHOOLS project will foster and booster the strategic and crucial role that schools shall play in the great challenge of preparing new generations of students for their future careers. Schools have to provide each student with the “career management skills” (CMS) that all citizens will need to design and manage their own career and lifelong learning pathways. The project will provide schools with a comprehensive kit of guidelines and tools to design and carry out quality systems for improving career services at school, open to each students and also using best digital resources. Through a Participatory Action Research more than 240 teachers will be involve directly, locally and internationally, in the development and piloting of the GUIDING SCHOOLS quality framework and of the digital supporting tools.

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:
Universita degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro (Italy)


  • Centro Studi Pluriversum Srl (Italy)
  • Universidad De Santiago De Compostela (Spain)
  • Utbildningsförvaltningen/Vägledningscentrum (Sweden)
  • Inland Norway University Of Applied Sciences (Norway)
  • Zdruzenie Na Gragani Centar Za Edukacija I Razvoj S.Tearce,Tearce (North Macedonia)
  • The Square Dot Team (Belgium)
  • Deutscher Verband Für Bildungs- Und Berufsberatung E.V (Germany)

Intellectual Outputs

IO1: GUIDING SCHOOLS – Improving quality career learning and guidance

IO2: GUIDING SCHOOLS – Online Self-Assessment tool for quality career guidance

IO3: GUIDING SCHOOLS- e-learning platform for teachers and practitioners

IO4: GUIDING SCHOOLS – e-guidance platform for students.


The Intellectual Outputs will be created with the aim of defining a structured quality frameworks to improve Career Learning at school and this includes a system of tools and training resources in 8 languages that will be used at national level and internationally to promote a high quality offer of Career Learning in all schools. Main education stakeholders (Ministries of Education, Departments of Education of Regional and Local Authorities, Networks of Schools, Associations of Parents, Associations of Teachers and Counsellors) will be involved in each Country.
The project will have a European relevance through a systematic networking approach: the consortium represents 7 relevant countries (most of them with high rates of ESL) and it has great experience at the international level. The consortium is able to involve public and private schools and public authorities with specific competences and responsibilities in the field of education, for reaching an effective exchange of best practices and the best exploitation of project results among teachers and other direct stakeholders

Our Role

The SqThe Square Dot Team is co-leading in the following activities:  

• Develop and Manage the Quality Assurance strategy
• Develop and Manage the Dissemination strategy
• Host training and project seminar events in Belgium
• Contribute to the resources and implementation of all IOs