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The Square Dot Team

The Square Dot team is an organisation located in Leuven, Belgium committed to tackle societal challenges through tailor-made policy advice.
We aim to develop research and provide policy advice with the view to enrich public policy with tailor-made, innovative and socially responsible solutions in the following areas:

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NEW HERA: Another project win!

🔴Here is to another project win! 💡👉The #NewHera project is born in the middle of a #globalcrisis that has further highlighted the necessity of improving the #digital and #pedagogical #competencies of educators. The NEW HERA project aims to enhance and #upskill the #VETtrainers and teacher’s competencies to better #evaluate and communicate with their #students through the existing #elearning platforms, transforming the face-to-face #training schemes and content into high-quality online #VETcurricula. 👉The NEW...

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Picture from Intrapreneurship, explained | MIT Sloan

Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur: What’s the Difference?

👉The SEAL project focuses on strengthening intrapreneurial skills and mindset for SMEs. The SEAL approach vision is aligned with the Renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning, underlining the relevance of enhancing adults’ professional skills and competences through increasing the possibilities for all adults to access flexible, high-quality learning at any time in their...

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SEAL partners met in Cyprus!

👉SEAL project addresses the challenge of supporting European SMEs to increase their competitiveness and their capacity for innovation through the development of their employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets with the participation of 7 countries (UK, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria). SEAL aims at highlighting potential diverse approaches, impacts...

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Toward a creative future: Creatives Academy’s second transnational meeting

🇪🇺🎨 The #CreativesAcademy #project, a project co-funded by the #erasmusplus Programme, had its second transnational meeting today! This meeting would have normally taken place in Belgium, but the covid-19 pandemic did not allow us to do so. We are looking forward to the next in-person meeting! 🗣️❗The partners discussed: ✅ The Creatives Academy Framework...

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Join our Second Knowledge Exchange Workshop!

The Square Dot Team BV is glad to invite you to the second of a series of Knowledge Exchange Workshops in association with the INFORMER project (Erasmus+ project on Integration of Women Migrants) for the purpose of collecting feedback on: 📕 The Handbook of Best Practices in Social Integration of RAV...

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RestartVET partners met in Vilnius!

RestartVET partners held their second Transnational Meeting last week – hear hear – in presence in #Vilnius! 💛💚❤️! We discussed: ▶️ The development of the Digital Capability VET and the practitioner #Handbook for IO1. ▶️ The guidelines and delivery of the training #curriculum for VET teachers and trainers on e-learning methods for IO2. 🌻 Entrepreneurship Institute...

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Scaling Up Applied Creativity Labs for Europe

SCALE partners held their second Transnational Meeting this week – of course, as the pandemic dictates, still via Zoom. We discussed the Creative Competences Framework, the development of the Best Practices Implementation Guide, initial ideas on the technical development of the European ACL Platform and many other steps that follow...

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On to resilient and successful prospective creatives!

Another great meeting today with the Creatives Academy partners! We shared insights into the needs of creative professionals’ and prospective artists’ futures and planned next steps in our Erasmus+ project. When a crisis hits, governments are often quick to cut creative and cultural budgets…. And secondary schools have long been...

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Second Transnational Meeting: 9-10 September 2021

Project partners met online this week for their Second Transnational Meeting. We discussed the finalization of our Best Practice Handbook, the technical development of our Digital Platform, initial brainstorming for the MOOC, continuing the formation of our Community of Practice as well as the assessment of impact through project activities....

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Meet the Project: RestartVET

RESTART VET proposal attempts to find out the e-readiness of VET teachers for transition to online learning along with their views on this mode of learning transaction. The ultimate goal of RESTART VET is to encourage a ‘digitilized centered’ approach, also considering a human-based needs model of vocational education area,...

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