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The Square Dot Team

The Square Dot team is an organisation located in Leuven, Belgium committed to tackle societal challenges through tailor-made policy advice.
We aim to develop research and provide policy advice with the view to enrich public policy with tailor-made, innovative and socially responsible solutions in the following areas:

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Our projects

Our news

✨ Navi-Mig Update: Uniting for Migrant Support and Integration ✨

The journey continues! The Navi-Mig project took a significant stride forward during its fourth Transnational Project Meeting (TPM), hosted in Porto on January 9th and 10th. ????️???????? Uniting for Migrant Support: ????In Porto, dedicated minds and passionate hearts converged to delve deeper into the mission of supporting migrants in navigating...

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New office in Leuven

Our new office in #Leuven is now based at the legendary building of the #trainstation of Leuven right at the heart of the city.certainly haopy to meet you there if you plan to travel to our city.#office #trainstationleuven #leuven #entrepreneurship @thesquaredotteam

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Reintegrate Wellbeing

Exciting News Ahead! Introducing our Project: “Reintegrate Wellbeing” Project Mission:Our mission is clear: to provide unwavering support to those who have experienced #burnout, guiding them back into the job market with renewed #motivation and #self-confidence. Simultaneously, we are committed to assisting employers in crafting healthier workplaces that prioritize employee engagement and overall well-being. ????...

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Embarking on a mission to bridge the void in sex education across Europe, #LoveAct is a visionary partnership project. Our goal? To arm young people with knowledge through practical educational tools and empower educational staff with concrete tips and non-formal activities to tackle gender-based violence from the roots. Join us as we...

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Project WeNEETlabs: Empowering Young NEET Women in the Post-COVID Digital Era! In response to the digital shift in the post-COVID-19 landscape, WeNEETLabs emerges as a beacon of empowerment, dedicated to fostering social entrepreneurship among young NEET women during these challenging times. Our focus? Methodologizing, educating, and pairing—key elements to drive...

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NEW HERA: The Square Dot Team

What an Empowering Training Experience! The LTTA of NEW HERA project in Larnaca, Cyprus on December 5th & 6th, 2023, showcased transformative strategies and solutions that promise to revolutionize VET education. ???? Our mission? Transforming traditional face-to-face training methods into dynamic, high-quality online VET curricula and equip VET trainers &...

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New Hera meeting in Nice!

The Erasmus + New Hera project has just made possible the exciting meeting of 60 trainers from Cyprus, Belgium, Italy and France to learn about the latest pedagogical methods to revolutionize distance training and courses. GIP FIPAN, leader of this project and organizer of this event, which took place in...

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CQ+ Project: Final Conference

The Final conference of the CQ+ project was held in Turnhout, Belgium!The partnership welcomed the services that are born out of this inspirational transnational journey. In good company of Maarten Van Alstein and Ineke de Kort we looked back on training sessions, transnational project meetings, impact evaluations and the development...

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VALUEBOX project: Partners Meeting in Vicenza, Italy

 On October 5, 2023, the KoM for the VALUEBOX project was held in Vicenza, Italy. The Valuebox project is dedicated to enhancing teachers’ development through gamification. It focuses on equipping teachers with the necessary skills to promote innovative teaching on common values such as equality, democracy, justice and freedom.   

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Online Meeting for INFINITY project

On September 28, the Infinity team gathered to discuss the incredible strides we’re making with the INFINITY project, a groundbreaking initiative that’s set to reshape the lives of migrants.  Education for Empowerment: The core of INFINITY revolves around creating a comprehensive educational program that equips migrants with the essential skills...

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