Smart Toolkit for Supporting Adult Workers and Adult Educators in the Educational Digital Upskilling Pathways

Project Details

Project Name: D-Upskill.50: Smart Toolkit for Supporting Adult Workers and Adult Educators in the Educational Digital Upskilling Pathways 
Erasmus+ Program of the European Union
Cooperation partnerships in adult education 
Project ID:
Duration: 24 months
Website: Coming Soon 
Topics: Social and Digital Innovation

Project Description

The D-upskill.50 project aims at supporting adult educators and trainers in acquiring and developing digital pedagogic skills and competences required for a successful digital transformation process in teaching and learning. This project will work to integrate technologies in the classroom and help educators orchestrating and managing this digital change, proving them with practical digital tools and resources which will, on the one hand, help them identify their current level of digital performance (digital pedagogies gaps, growth potential and areas of action), and on the other, support their digital teaching practice and professional development. Concretely, the project will design and develop a self-assessment tool that will help educators identify their current level if digital performance, identify their digital pedagogies gaps, their growth potential and areas of action. This tool will be accompanied by electronic guides to support the acquisition and/or development process of digital pedagogic competences and skills, equipped with interactive figures, electronic instructions, repository of useful resources, tips and tricks to make their teaching more engaging for learners and digital learning nuggets to support their learning process.

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:
The Square Dot Team (Belgium)


  • Centro Superior de Formacion Europa, Spain
  • Die Berater, Germany
  • Synergasia Enegon Politon, Greece
  • Minds Europe, Serbia
  • CESIE, Italy

Project Results

PR 1 – Smart Digital Health-Check Tool for Adults Educators

PR 2 – E-Guides for Adults Educators based on Design Thinking Human-Centered Methodology (E-book format)

PR 3 – Videobook Platform


As an overall result, D-Upskill.50 will contribute towards encouraging adult workers and adult teachers to develop their digital skills and will provide useful guidelines, methods and tools for supporting them with digitally tech-based pedagogical approaches for educational programs and activities, and increase their motivation and self-confidence while using digital tools.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team is responsible for the overall coordination of the project and is overseeing the development of all project results and ensuring their timely delivery. SDT is also developing and implementing the impact and sustainability strategy throughout the project, developing and maintaining the project website, and liaising with partners to ensure the successful completion of the project.