EU funding Advice

EU funding Advice​

In the current economic environment, companies ought to look for new ways to adapt to the current financial opportunities and adapt their services to new ways of adding value.
Our team strives to stay up to date with the numerous funding programs the EU makes available, and we aim to support other companies, research organizations and not-for-profit entities in understanding what type of EU funds are available for them and how they can offer their services to programmes that make our society better places to live.
If you are an organisation that is new to EU funding, and would like to understand what is there for you, we offer the following activities to help your organization benefit from this unique opportunity

The delivery of our services includes the following modalities:

1–1 Coaching
Tailor-made trajectory

  • One-session

  • 3-month trajectory

Thematic focus

  • 1-hour webinars

  • 3-hour workshops

Signature Package
2-3 month trajectory

  • Selection of funding scheme

  • Selection of funding scheme

  • Guidance for submission