The Square Dot team specialises in the policy fields of social inclusion, migration, VET and skills development. We develop research and provide policy advice with the view to enrich public policy with tailor-made, innovative and socially responsible solutions in the areas of:

Meet the team

Dr. Elissavet Lykogianni

Founding Partner & Managing Director

Elissavet has extensive expertise in the policy domains of Research & Innovation, Digital market and Employment, Skills, Migration, Education and Social affairs. With her research background (PhD in Applied Economics), she has led numerous projects involving large, multi-disciplinary and international research teams of Universities and Research institutes and possesses a very strong network of researchers in the academic sector in Europe. 

During the past 15 years she has built considerable expertise in the coordination of policy-related studies and the management of international consortia for a variety of (framework) contracts for DG Research, DG Education, DG Competition, Cedefop, DG Connect, among other, such as the EC Multiple Framework Service Contract for Expert Support with the Production and Analysis of R&D Policy Indicators, Horizon projects and Grants in the areas of Migration and Inclusion, as well as studies in the areas of Employment, Education and Skills, Cultural Heritage, Digital policies, R&D and Innovation policies. 

Elissavet speaks fluently English, Dutch and Greek and understand French at intermediate level.

Fanis Pantelogiannis

Fanis Pantelogiannis

Policy Expert

Fanis has extensive experience in the fields of Learning & Development, Regional & local policies, Participation in democratic life, common values & civic engagement, ICT and Digital Transformation, and Inclusion (focusing mainly on access to the labour market, and overcoming geographical barriers).

He has more than 20 years of experience in the delivery/management of EU projects and large EU Framework Contracts in the above fields, as well as in the development of successful proposals and tenders for EU Institutions and International Organisations. Fanis also has a long experience in the building and management of successful cross-national teams and in the development/delivery of trainings on EU policies and procurement processes. He enjoys harvesting global expertise and converting it to services for the EU Institutions and for the citizens of the EU.

Fanis holds a Master in Political Sciences from Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), and a Master of Advanced European and International Studies from CIFE in Nice. He speaks fluently Greek, English and French and understands German, Romanian, Russian and Italian


Carolina Egúsquiza

Research & Education Expert

Her academic background is in Educational Sciences, Language and Intercultural Communication, and Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.She has 15 years of international experience in Higher Education and Research in Peru, the USA, Belgium and the Netherlands. Working with an interdisciplinary team, she has designed a learning track with a focus on Skills Development Training and Career Guidance for university students of the Rotterdam Business School in the Netherlands. The aim has been to equip students with the right competences and attitudes to adapt to international career contexts in our ever-changing labor force and to boost employability in complex and uncertain times. 

Carolina continues to have a coordinating role and teaches a variety of skills courses at higher education level in combination with her role at the Square Dot team. Finally, she has co-founded social projects in Peru and Belgium to promote female empowerment and the use of sustainable, innovative materials in the textile and clothing industry. 

She truly believes in the power of education to change societies. She speaks English, Dutch and Spanish fluently as well as French at beginner’s level.  


Giorgia Barazzoni

Project Manager

Giorgia holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Bologna, Italy, and has earned a double master’s degree in Sustainable Territorial Development from the University of Padua, Italy, and Quito, Ecuador. Dedicated to promoting human rights, fostering social cooperation, and advancing sustainability, with a particular emphasis on gender equality, Giorgia is equally committed to non-formal education initiatives. With extensive experience in international cooperation projects in developing countries and field research, Giorgia is fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish. She now embarks on her career in European project management, specializing in initiatives related to Migration and Integration, Sustainability and Environment, and Education. In the meantime, she continues her training as a yoga instructor and pursues her greatest passion for traveling and exploring different cultures.


Nora Aragon

Project Manager

Nora Aragon is a Spanish Journalism graduate specialized in International Relations and European Union Studies from the University of Cadiz. Her passion for the social activism and the fight for the rights of the most marginalised groups has led her to focus on European social outreach work. Her areas of interest range from gender issues to geopolitical problems and the complex migration status quo in Europe’s external borders. Her hunger for knowledge has helped her to learn five different languages and to enjoy human exchange with people from all cultures. She is always ready to laugh at herself and go for a bike ride. Within TSDT, she works as a Project Manager, handling the development of projects related with Education and Migration and contributing to innovative project proposals.

Work with us

Research analyst
The Square Dot team, Leuven

Our portfolio of research projects includes a wide-range of grants and policy projects for the European Commission. To support our growth, we are looking for a Research Analyst who will be part of our research team and work with organizations all over Europe in policy projects of an EU-wide interest. Our research and work covers policy areas with a strong focus on addressing societal challenges and contributing to make the EU a better place to live and work in. The policy areas where our projects are implemented include:

We work in an international environment with a wide range of EU and non-EU partners based in Europe with whom we cooperate in Research and Policy projects. Our team members, therefore, are part of a wide and inspiring network of EU policy advice organizations working for EU-funded research. Our work includes desk research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, reporting, organization of live and online events for project promotion, dissemination activities of project events, coordination and administration of project results and tasks.

Main responsibilities:


Personal qualities:​

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