Using agile learning platforms to infuse circular economy knowledge with entrepreneurial spirit

Project Details

Project Name: CIRCULO
Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training 
Project ID: 
Duration: From 01-11-2021 to 01-11-2023
Website: Coming soon
Topics: Adapting vocational education and training to labour market needs- Contributing to innovation in vocational education and training- Environment and fight against climate change

Project Description

The objectives of CIRCULO are supporting VET providers in offering high-quality online education to underpin a bright and sustainable future for learners and the environment by presenting a bespoke range of resources that develop circular knowledge infused with entrepreneurial spirit. This project aims to develop and introduce a hybrid learning approach that build the entrepreneurial, digital and green skills of VET educators and learners in Spain, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, France and Croatia. In addition, the CIRCULO project will develop and test a new VET pedagogical approach placing digitisation at the heart of VET professionals’ roles

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:
Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (Spain)


  • The Square Dot Team (Belgium)
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory lda (Portugal)
  • Spectrum Research Centre CLG (Ireland)
  • Hauptstadtallee 239 V V UG (Germany)
  • INNOVADE LI LTD (Cyprus)
  • Callidus ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih (Croatia)

Project Results

PR1: Train-the-Trainer Programme for VET professionals

PR2: Training Map for building an understanding of the principles for a circular economy

PR3: Toolkit for building an entrepreneurial spirit

PR4: eLearning Platform and eNetwork


CIRCLE+ will ensure that state-of-the-art training supports for learners, trainees and workers can be delivered by VET tutors despite the limitations placed on current service provision due to Covid-19. This will help to ensure that VET providers have the skills and resources to meet the challenges that the new ‘socially distant’ normal demands. The project will develop results that have a long shelf-life and the continuous professional development of individual VET tutors that the train-thet rainer programme will affect, will have a considerable impact on their practice in the future.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team is contributing to build the pedagogic and digital skills of VET professionals to enable them to provide a quality VET service through accessible and interactive online environments. enhancing the coaching and mentoring skills of VET professionals so that they support young people and VET learners to reach their future potential.