Skills & Employability

As result of Covid-19 many will need to acquire new skills and move to new jobs in a different sector of economy. Moreover, as the future of work will have a knowledge intensive connotation, jobs that traditionally require a low level of qualification will imply increasingly complex tasks, requiring the domain of several literacies, including digital and a wide range of basic skills. Furthermore, the current economic scenario is forcing low skilled or unemployed workers to reconsider their career project.


Blending best practice from creative and arts education and entrepreneurial education to build the competences needed for creative futures.

Improving and extending the supply of high-quality learning opportunities for adults

An innovative approach to support VET teachers/trainers through the digital transformation of VET education

Shaping the Employees of the future by strengthening intrApreneurial skiLls & mindset

VAE INTERNATIONAL Validation of acquired skills and experiences International (VAE INT)

New Hera - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Supporting migrants in acquiring soft skills to develop employability and entrepreurship

De-escalating Polarization in Europe