Environment and climate change, Community development, Development of disadvantaged rural and urban areas

Project Details

Project Name: YOUproClima
KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth
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01/11/2023 until 31/10/2025
Environment and climate change, Community development, Development of disadvantaged rural and urban areas

Project Description

YOUproClima is an innovative project that focuses on empowering young people to take proactive measures against climate change and address the growing issue of eco-anxiety. Through the implementation of a comprehensive program across four countries, the project aims to activate local communities and inspire individuals to become agents of change. By bridging the gap between local action and policy, YOUproClima aims to foster a sustainable and resilient future, while also serving as a model for other communities and policymakers throughout Europe.

Project consortium

Project Coordinator:
Associazione di Promozione Sociale YEPP – Italy


  • Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL – Spain
  • Asociatia Grupul De Actiune Localanapoca Porolissum – Romania
  • The Square Dot Team – Belgium
  • Comitato Promotore S-NODI Gabriele Nigro – Italy

Project Results

WP1 – Project Management

WP2 – Research and develop community engagement skills toolkits addressed to youth leaders and youth organizations

WP3 – Development and implementation of a learning program on community engagement for environmental action

WP4 – CApplication of the tools and skills acquired on the territories and policy recommendations


The YOUproClima project will have a significant impact at various levels. It will reinforce the training offerings of participating organizations, enhancing their interventions in community engagement and climate action. Local communities, civil society organizations, and local authorities will benefit from the project’s community engagement actions, empowering young people and promoting cohesion. Dissemination activities will spread the project’s impact to a wider network of organizations and institutions. At the European level, the project’s results will benefit organizations working on community development, civic engagement, and climate action, providing them with valuable resources for future cooperation initiatives.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team brings extensive experience in educational and environment-related projects, along with strong communication and dissemination skills, to the YOUproClima project. The Suare Dot Team will lead the Communication and Dissemination Coordination in WP1 and co-lead WP4, focusing on video storytelling, social media engagement, final dissemination events, and hosting the final partner meeting in Brussels. The Suare Dot Team also will lead the development of guidelines for youth and environmental organizations in WP2.