NEW HERA: Another project win!

?Here is to another project win!

??The #NewHera project is born in the middle of a #globalcrisis that has further highlighted the necessity of improving the #digital and #pedagogical #competencies of educators. The NEW HERA project aims to enhance and #upskill the #VETtrainers and teacher’s competencies to better #evaluate and communicate with their #students through the existing #elearning platforms, transforming the face-to-face #training schemes and content into high-quality online #VETcurricula.

?The NEW HERA project #results include:
✅Pedagogical tools and training courses on comparative evaluation
✅Pedagogical Online Toolkit
#Quality Handbook
✅Common Practical experiences
#Etwinning network

?The Square Dot Team BV  will be the responsible partner of the Online Pedagogical Toolkit for VET #teachers and trainers design and implementation.

?NEW HERA project aims to have an extended #impact on the project participants, organisations, and targets groups:
✅VET trainers and teachers will gain confidence working on the #onlinelearning modality.

✅For students, the increase of the VET learning program’s quality will have a real impact on their learning and training processes.

✅Project partner VET organisations will increase their capacity in their VET courses planning and, in general, training and learning #activities.