Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur: What’s the Difference?

?The SEAL project focuses on strengthening intrapreneurial skills and mindset for SMEs. The SEAL approach vision is aligned with the Renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning, underlining the relevance of enhancing adults’ professional skills and competences through increasing the possibilities for all adults to access flexible, high-quality learning at any time in their lives.

? If you want to learn more about the difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, you can check out this article:

Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur: What’s the Difference? Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur: What’s the Difference? (universitylabpartners.org)

?❗According to the article, both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have a drive to innovate whenever possible, which is why there are many shared traits between them.

?These shared traits include:
✅ Leadership

✅ Adaptability

✅ Intelligence

?An entrepreneur is someone who designs and launches a new business, which means that they will take on all of the rewards and risks. On the other hand, an intrapreneur is an individual who uses their entrepreneurial skills to create a new project in the company that they already work at, which eliminates many risks.

?❗To read more about the SEAL project, check out the website: https://seal-project.eu/

(Picture from Intrapreneurship, explained | MIT Sloan)