INFORMER: Knowledge Exchange Workshops are coming soon!

INFORMER project partners met last week to discuss arranging their first Knowledge Exchange Workshops – NGOs and charities who provide support to migrant women will be invited to provide insight and guidance on our project outputs, as well as offering evidence of best practice in the field. This is part of the co-creation methodology which characterises the initiative.

Targeted to migrant women, INFORMER aims to:
→ support the economic and social integration of migrant women
→ support the capacity of migrant women to interact and feel at ease in their social environment and participate in social and political life
→ support migrant women moving into work and facilitate a sustainable labour market integration.
→ and furthermore, raise awareness to the unique experience of migrant women and what can improve in our European societies.

There is a lot of great work to be done, and among the tasks ahead, SDT will be leading INFORMER’s Impact Assessment and Policy recommendations Report.

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