CHERISHED: New project supports schools` use of cultural heritage in education

We are excited to announce yet another project: CHERISHED. The Square Dot Team is coordinating this project, that aims to tackle the need for a common framework for integration of inclusive digital cultural heritage in compulsory education. The consortium is made up of experts in their fields from Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Slovakia. We met today for the official Kick-off of CHERISHED.

Currently synergies between education and heritage policies exist. They are nevertheless insufficient and not structured in such a way to be helpful enough to both sectors. This is where CHERISHED comes in. The project aims to boost digital cultural heritage education and bridge the gap between culture and education by creating the CHERISHED Framework, an E-Learning Platform and a Teacher Training Program, a cross-country curriculum analysis and a self-assessment tool for educators.

We are excited! Learn more about the project here