Addressing Labour Shortages: Insights from Come Think Again Project

Labour and skills shortages are rising across the EU! The European Commission has identified 42 occupations with shortages and presented an action plan to address this challenge.

The plan focuses on five key areas:
– Supporting underrepresented people to enter the labor market
– Providing support for skills development, training, and education
– Improving working conditions
– Enhancing fair intra-EU mobility for workers and learners
– Attracting talent from outside the EU

This action plan, consulted with social partners, builds on initiatives like the European Skills Agenda, the Pact for Skills, and the European Year of Skills. It aims to unlock the EU’s growth potential, boost competitiveness, and create better opportunities for all.

Let’s work together to hit our 2030 targets: 78% employment rate and 60% adult participation in yearly training!