Video Testimonials from the CQ+ project training experience in Berlin!

?️“For sure we have learned, we received some materials to use and to apply these activities and lesson plans during our own classes.”

?️“For me the most valued aspect that I learned during this training is cultural intelligence: I explored interactive learning materials and innovative approaches that will benefit our classes.”

?️“Thanks for hosting us and thanks for CQ+ for being here and for giving us the opportunity to learn so many interesting things.”

✅Marievi Gretsi is Senior Project Manager at The Square Dot Team and takes up the engagement to organise and facilitate adult training sessions on various topics throughout multiple transnational cooperations.

➡️As a pioneer within project CQ+ De-escalating Polarisation in Europe, Marievi was one of the esteemed participants who invested time, energy and attention to testing our preliminary train-the-trainer materials.

Watch the whole video here!

?Make sure to check the link below to have a sneak peak of a video that is part of the Interactive Infographics – which are at the core of the train-the-trainer trajectories.

The Infographic on ‘My Culture, My Persepctive’ holds video’s, webquests, digital breakouts and quizzes.

One of the materials it leads to, is this video:

For further exploration, check