SEAL: Shaping the Employees of the future by strengthening intrApreneurial skiLls & mindset

Project Details
Project Name: SEAL: Shaping the Employees of the future by strengthening intrApreneurial skiLls & mindset
Programme: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
Priority: Vocational education and training
Project ID: 2020-1-UK01-KA202-079094
Topics: Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurial skills, SMEs, Adult education, Vocational Education & Training
Project Consortium

Coordinating Partner:
Kairos Europe Limited (UK)


  • Innovation Hive (Greece)
  • The Square Dot Team (Belgium)
  • Stando Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Fundacja Agencji Sluzby Spolecznej (Poland)
  • Edu Playground (Bulgaria)
  • Synthesis Center For Research And Education Limited (Cyprus)
  • Prism – Promozione Internazionale Sicilia -Mondo (Italy)
Project Details

The SEAL project focuses on promoting intrapreneurial skills and mindsets in European SMEs’ employees in order to support employers and employees respond to the challenges that today’s innovation models and the “Entrepreneurial Economy” bring to human resources and its links to SMEs’ competitiveness. These challenges require new strategies to be designed and applied, and SMEs can harness the potential of in-house innovation and entrepreneurship processes. These strategies involve training and development of entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, which will enable the process of transforming opportunities into value.

Intellectual Outputs

IO1: State of the Art analysis on intrapreneurial skills needs and collection of best practices
IO2: Intrapreneurial skills training curriculum development
IO3: Intrapreneurship training course and pilots
IO4: Development of SEAL e-learning platform
IO5: Manual & Toolkit for VET trainers and policy makers

Our Role

Square Dot Team will be leading the following activities:

  • Development of the project’s Sustainability and Exploitation Plan (A5)
  • Host training and project seminar events in Belgium
  • Provide guidelines on Impact Assessment
  • Contribute content and resources to Intellectual Outputs

SEAL approach, activities and outputs will contribute for: 1. improving the level of key competences and skills of SMEs’ employees, in what concerns the intrapreneurial and transversal skills, relevant for their personal, social and professional development and growth; 2. promoting and strengthening the European lifelong learning area, by contributing to the dissemination, multiplication and replication of the use of European transparency and recognition tools; 3. endowing managers and/or human resources managers of SMEs of knowledge and tools to successfully access and promote the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of their employees, essential for the promotion of competitiveness and smart growth of companies.