SEAL partners met in Cyprus!

?SEAL project addresses the challenge of supporting European SMEs to increase their competitiveness and their capacity for innovation through the development of their employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets with the participation of 7 countries (UK, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria). SEAL aims at highlighting potential diverse approaches, impacts and results emerging from the development of employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets in different national contexts.

The partners of the SEAL project met in person at Nicosia Hub (Cyprus) on the 18th and the 19th of November. Some of the partners attended the meeting online.

?The second transnational SEAL meeting was organised by SYNTHESIS Center for Research & Education.

?We discussed the progress of the project and:

✅the intrapreneurial skills

✅training curriculum development

✅the Intrapreneurship training course and pilots

✅the development of SEAL e-learning platform

✅the planning for the Manual Toolkit for VET trainers and policy makers


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