SDG Labs Digital Gallery – Design and development!

SDG Labs Digital Gallery – Design and development

The second result of the SDG labs project, the co-called “Socially Driven Green Labs Digital Gallery” (Led by SDT), has as main objective to deliver a comprehensive and practical package of Open Educational Resources (OER) including all the necessary teaching and learning materials (case studies, educational resources) that will be utilized by universities applying the SDG Labs educational programme. Taking into account the outcomes of the Research Study (Result 1) and in accordance with the design and development of the Teachers Capacity Building Programme (Result 3), this result provides a wide range of ready to use, co-creation activities and lecture plans as well as a number of case studies showcasing how environmental sustainability is being applied in the SE business sector.

Before the development and the design of the SDG Labs Gallery, the project partners starting with mapping and selecting of learning resources and cases studies. Various kind of resources have been selected using a common template by the partners. Examples of these resources are; teaching green economy and entrepreneurship, circular economy – definition and examples, greener skills and jobs, renewable energy sources, how to become a green SME in a circular economy, protecting our planet: the role of technology, quantitative models for the circular economy, games for change: educational games with environmental impact.

The final deliverable of the SDG Labs digital gallery provides an online repository with a wide range of ready-to-use and interactive co-creation activities, tools and resources, and a digital package of lecture projects that will support the development of social and green business competences. The digital gallery has been presented in an interactive and user-friendly manner and all resources and case studies have been filtered by various categories.

Specifically, the SDG Labs digital gallery consists of the following οnline elements:

  • An online screening tool with case studies of SEEs that operate in economic sectors with environmental objectives (e.g. rural development, renewable energy, re-use and recycling, sustainable housing and agriculture) and/or incorporate green practices and environmental-friendly approaches into their activities.
  • A digital package of Lecture Plans providing clear and easy to follow steps in order to deliver lessons that incorporate the aspect of environmental sustainability and cultivate students’ skills related to green transition in specific SE courses.
  • An online depository of interactive and co-creation activities supporting social and green entrepreneurial competence development that can be utilized by university teachers when implementing the SDG Labs programme. This depository is flexible, and universities can select the resources that suit their context and the needs of their students.

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