(RE)Build training in Porto

#TheSquareDotTeam and our partners, were present on 28, 29 and 30 March at the meeting for sharing experiences and learning in the (RE)Build Project!

The partners discussed about the progress of the Project results and the upcoming face to face meetings.

?‍?We had our short-term training for #adult #teachers (LTTA) in Porto.
Rightchallenge received participants from different countries: Slovenia, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, France and Portugal.

Our #VET teachers learned how to pass on the knowledge to other teachers and specialists involved in adult education and also learned how to approach future adults from a different cultural background and how to include them in a group and work in such a way that all participants in the training feel welcome and equal in the learning process.
We believe that they are now more than capable of passing on what they have learned in these 3 days of training to more VET teachers. It is one of the next steps of the (RE)BUILD project.

?Stay tuned for more!