Socially Driven Green Labs

Harnessing the potential of the Social Economy towards a green transformation through the establishment of Socially Driven Green Labs within Universities

Project Details

Project Name: Socially Driven Green Labs
Cooperation partnerships in higher education
Project ID: 
Duration: From 01-11-2021 to 30-4-2024
Website: Coming soon
Topics: Environment and fight against climate change, Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices

Project Description

Higher Education Institutions in the field of Social Economy need to invest in building students’ green skills and knowledge so as to upscale the role of the SE in the green sector.

Recognising these needs and studying the latest innovation trends in education, our project places the SE at the heart of the green transition and introduces the Socially Driven Green Labs (SDG Labs) educational programme that offers an innovative training programme using synergistic and multi-level approaches (Living labs methodology and simulation based learning) that support SE teachers on how to integrate environmental sustainability into their educational context and provide upskilling pathways to the future green social entrepreneurs of Europe.

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:
Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny Im Komisji Edukacji Narodowej W Krakowie


  • Vysoka Skola Ekonomicka V Praze (CZ)
  • Stimmuli For Social Change (GR)
  • University Of Macedonia (GR)
  • The Square Dot Team (BE)
  • Association For Social Cooperatives(PL)

Project Results

PR1: Green skills in the field of Social Economy – Research Study

PR2: Socially Driven Green Labs Digital Gallery

PR3: Socially Driven Green Labs capacity building programme

PR4: Socially Driven Green business simulation models

PR5: Socially Driven Green labs students’ upskilling programme


SDG Labs project introduces an innovative, transdisciplinary and future-oriented educational programme for Higher Education Institutions in SE related study fields that aspires to bring real and measurable results on upscaling the role of SE as central actor of the green transformation.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team is leading the Socially Driven Green Labs Digital Gallery. The main objective of this output is to deliver a comprehensive and practical package of Open Educational Resources (OER) including all the necessary teaching and learning materials (case studies, educational resources) that will be utilized by universities applying the SDG Labs educational programme. The Square Dot Team is providing the overall structure, timeline and methodology and finally combine all resources in a user-friendly and comprehensive digital gallery.