Supporting migrants navigate essential services and labor market integration

Project Details

Project Name: NAVI-MIG
Cooperation partnerships in adult education
Project ID:
Duration: From 1/11/2021 to 01/05/2024 
Topics: Adult education, inclusion, labour market integration

Project Description

Successful migration integration starts with enabling newly arrived migrants to access essential services and help them get settled and oriented in their new residence. NAVI-MIG aims to provide a roadmap to migrants that recently arrived in their new resident country to help them get oriented and settled quickly by providing an overview of and quick and easy access to key public services like welfare and healthcare services, integration programs, language teaching, educational and vocational training. The goal is to decrease migrants barriers of using existing services by providing trainings, support and facilitate the efforts of public administrations at local, national and EU level by increasing uptake of already existing programs.

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:
Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Teruel (Spain)


  • Austrian Association Of Inclusive Society (Ais) – Verein Fur Eine Offene Geselleschaft (Austria)
  • Learning for Integration ry (Finland)
  • Rightchallenge – Associação (Portugal)
  • Innovation Hive (Greece)
  • Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (Spain)
  • Grantxpert Consulting Limited (Cyprus)
  • Cuiablue OÜ (Estonia)
  • The Square Dot Team (Belgium)

Project Results

PR1: Mobile application NAVI-MIG – a roadmap for migrants in Europe

PR2: Digital training program for labor market integration

PR3: Mentoring program for migrant inclusion

PR4: NAVI-MIG digital inclusion platform

PR5: NAVI-MIG manual for sustainable project results


NAVI-MIG will provide the target group with easy access in multiple languages to all essential services within one application. It will thus improve their life quality and further inclusion and integration as a whole. It will also promote uptake of further local programs like language classes, education by raising awareness of their existence. It will increase their knowledge on where to find needed services and increase their self-agency and self-reliance to navigate life in the new environment. The project will also provide support via a mentoring program to meet any further needs to enhance social, economical and cultural inclusion even further.

Our Role

 The Square Dot Team is leading the Mentoring program for migrant inclusion. This project result will support migrants in their economic and social integration, increase their self-confidence navigating life in their new resident country and feel more at ease.