Living positive and intersectional sexuality education for gender-based violence prevention

Project Details

Project Name: Living positive and intersectional sexuality education for gender-based violence prevention – LoveAct
Programme: CERV Project Grants – CERV-2022-DAPHNE
Priority: CERV-2022-DAPHNE
Project ID: 101094068
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Duration: 01/03/2023 – 28/02/2025

Project Description

Gender-based violence (GBV) and teen-dating violence, still widespread around Europe (EC, 2022), are rooted in harmful social norms and stereotypes that reinforce unequal power relations between genders. Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) can play a central role, as a long-term solution, in empowering young people eventually lowering the risk of them suffering from, perpetrating or standing by violent behaviours. LoveAct aims to reduce the risk of GBV and teen-dating violence by equipping teenagers, parents and educational staff with knowledge and competencesin CSE. In particular it aimsto: produce quality educational materials, informative and networking tools on Sex-ed; build the capacity of educational staff to address issues related to Sex-Ed; empower teenagers live their sexuality and affectivity safely and positively, raise awareness on the importance of CSE. The direct beneficiaries of the project will be teenagers (14-18), their parents and school teachers. The project will also involve different stakeholders and professionals at every stage of the project. Activities include: the co-design with target groups of CSE multimedia educational and informative materials and tools; the conduction of capacity building activities with 200+ teachers; the implementation of Sex-Ed sessions with 1000+ students; the co-creation of an awareness campaign on the need for CSE. Intended outcomes of the project include: Increased availability and accessibility of quality CSE materials and tools, sensitive to intersectionality and trauma and co-created with the target groups, hence highly relevant. Increased capacity of families and 200+ educational staff to deliver Sex-Ed with teenagers in an informed, supportive and positive way Improved chances to build healthy relationships free from GBV, of 1000+ young people increased awareness around the need for more and better CSE.

Project consortium

Project Coordinator:
CESIE – Italy


  • The Square Dot Team – Belgium
  • SYMPLEXIS – Greece

Project Results

WP1 – Management and coordination

WP2 – Co-design and development of educational material through mapping and network mobilisation

WP3 – Teachers’ Sex-Ed capacity building and local implementation with teenagers

WP4 – Communication, empowerment and awareness raising


The following short-term and medium-term effects will be produced: (1) Increased availability of CSE educational and informative materials and tools that are quality and evidence-based, sensitive to intersectionality and trauma but also accessible to a wide audience including teenagers, parents and educational staff. In the medium- term the partnership expects that the Platform and all the materials and tools contained in it will be used by other teenagers for self-training, as well as teachers, parents, activists and other practitioners; (2) Increased capacity of families and 200 + educational staff to cover topics related to sexuality and affectivity with teenagers in an informed, supportive and positive way responding to the needs of teenagers; (3) Improved chances for well-being, possibility to build safe and healthy relationships free from GBV, and empowerment in supporting each other for living their sexuality in a positive way for the 1000+ young people involved in co-creation, educational and awareness-raising activities related to CSE; (4) Increased awareness in the general public at the local, national and international level around the need for more and better CSE for teenagers and its potential for GBV prevention. The expected long-term effects of the project’s action are: (1) better quality of CSE and more systemic delivery of CSE in schools in the partner countries; (2) reduced cases of teen dating violence and GBV.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team will contribute to the content development by mapping of materials and good practices in the field of Sex-Ed as a prevention of GBV in educational system across partner countries and exploring the existing practices and materials available on Sex-Ed for the prevention of GBV, with a focus on intersectionality. A master trainer will be identified since the early beginning of the project who is going to participate in the Joint Staff Training Workshop in Greece and then to deliver a national Capacity Building (CB) for teachers as well as a local implementation with school students. Raising awareness campaigns on the importance of CSE for preventing GBV through an online and offline awareness will be carried out throughtout the project.