Feminising the ICT sector by supporting and encouraging more women to take up ICT-related careers

Project Details

Project Name: FEMIN-ICT
Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training
Project ID: 
Duration: From 01-02-2022 to 31-02-2024
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Topics: Social inclusion – Adapting vocational education and training to labour market needs – Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training – promoting gender equality – Promoting equality and non-discrimination – Information and communication technologies (ICT)

Project Description

Femin-ICT aims to design and implement an interactive and action-based training program and an innovative methodology to empower and promote the equal participation, representation and treatment of women in ICT. The project activities will enhance access to and employability of women in the ICT sector while decreasing the recorded dropout rates, by supporting employers (enterprises of the ICT sector), ICT business incubators, municipalities and prefectures as well as individual women wishing to enter or remain in the ICT workforce as employees or entrepreneurs.

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:


  • The Square Dot Team (Belgium)
  • Stimmuli for social change (Greece)
  • Organismos gia tin epaggelmatiki endynamosi ton gynaikon astiki mi kerdoskopiki etaireia (Greece)
  • Associazione co-cò (Italy)
  • instituto ikigai, asociación española para el emprendimient o y el desarrollopersonal  y profesional (Spain)
  • CSI Center for social innovation ltd (Cyprus)

Project Results

  • PR1: Current state of play enabling the customization of the FEMIN-ICT training programme
  • PR2: Training program and support package for gender equality
  • PR3: Empowerment Program and tools for Women
  • PR4: FEMIN-ICT policy roadmap


The impact on the national contexts and participating groups is expected to be significant, as the design of the intervention will be highly tailored to fit local context, while the voices of those participating will be heard and incorporated in the design. This embracing strategy of co-construction ensures the agency and empowerment of participants and increases their interest by inspiring a sense of co-ownership of the initiative. Harnessing the needs of all participants beforehand ensures the design of the project’s activities address their needs adequately and in a suitable manner. The target groups will acquire soft skills that are significant for the successful business and human resources management and the non-wasteful appropriation of all people’s potentialities with benefits not only for the actors involved, but also for the wider community and economy.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team is supporting and contributing to all project results by providing inputs to the above activities and collaborating in disseminating as much as possible the project implementation and results.