Creatives Academy

Blending best practice from creative and arts education and entrepreneurial education to build the competences needed for creative futures.

Project Details

Project Name: Creatives Academy – Blending best practice from creative and arts education and entrepreneurial education to build thecompetencies needed for creative futures.
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
Project ID:
Duration: 24 months
Topics: Skills development and inclusion through creativity and the arts

Project Description

The objectives of Creatives Academy project are to: Empower secondary school students to become the creative professionals of the future and contribute to resilient recovery in the CCS by sharpening their creative and entrepreneurial skills; provide students with high quality encounters with creative professionals to provide information and mentoring on both industry knowledge and transversal entrepreneurial thinking and skills; help schools and educators develop the knowledge and confidence for embedding these practices in their educational setting.CA will provide a comprehensive creative, entrepreneurial, careers and competence development based curriculum that harnesses the knowledge and skills of current CPs to inspire and educate secondary school students and empower them to become the creatives of the future.

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:
Social enterprise international LTD (UK)


  • Horizon Community College (UK)
  • Stimmuli for Social Change (GR)
  • The Square Dot Team (BE)
  • Open University Subotic (Serbia)

Intellectual Outputs

IO1: Creatives Academy Framework
IO2: Creatives Academy Curriculum
IO3: Creatives Academy Toolkit for Teachers
IO4: Audio-visual Guide for Creative professionals


This project will provide an exciting and engaging educational approach that will support students develop their creative and ultimately professional competences, as well as 21st century skills such as interdisciplinary working, problem solving, etc that will transform them into creative and flexible thinkers and professionals of tomorrow ready to adapt to the new normal. Within project activities and through pilots, students will be able to:
i) by engaging in professional encounters with CPs at school, gain new quality knowledge in the field of creativity, which will equip them with self-confidence and boost their motivation for the CCS. Moreover, cross-sectoral activities will enhance innovative thinking, since they will be engaged in hands-on projects, learning from CPs and entrepreneurs;
ii) by co-designing more entrepreneurially focused activities, students will learn and apply creative and design thinking, and entrepreneurship competence development techniques;
iii) increase their academic learning, critical thinking and problem analysis skills as well as improve their ability to apply what they’ve learned in real world;
CPs: Participating CPs will increase their professional capacity of working in a school environment, will learn from teachers’ methodology and knowledge how to pedagogically approach students and teaching and will find flexible and adaptable ways to incorporate creativity tools in schools curricula. Eventually they will also develop and engage new audience, since they start working with students, teachers and entrepreneurial professionals.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team will lead IO4, the CA AV Guide for Creative Professionals, bringing together teachers and CPs, training them on how to work together, how to transfer knowledge on creativity and entrepreneurial skills to students. All partners will likewise enrich this IO according to their expertise. SDT will supervise and support the PIlot Application of the CA Curriculum with 2 schools in Belgium.