Supporting school-educators in use of cultural heritage for inclusive digital education


Project Details

Project Name: CHERISHED: Supporting school-educators in use of cultural heritage for inclusive digital education
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
Project ID:
Duration: 24 months
Topics: School education, Cultural heritage, Digital education

Project Description

The integration of digital cultural heritage in compulsory education is more important than ever, as the challenges faced for the educational and cultural sectors due to COVID-19, require a strong reliance on digital teaching and learning.

  • Provide with a pedagogical framework and concrete recommendations for adoption by educational ministries across Europe
  • Enhance the capacity of secondary school teachers’ toward integration of digital cultural heritage in their everyday teaching practices across the curriculum.
  • Support school educators to safeguard the inclusive nature of digital learning opportunities in and through cultural heritage.
  • Promote innovative quality resources and tools for school educators for integration of cultural heritage towards inclusive digital education.
  • Provide an impact and evaluation tool for teachers’ self-assessment of their readiness to reuse digital cultural heritage in compulsory education.
  • Promote awareness on the importance of cultural heritage readiness for inclusive digital education in Europe.

Project consortium

Coordinating Partner:
The Square Dot Team (Belgium)


  • Synthesis center for research and education limited (Cyprus)
  • Sociedade promotora de estabelecimentos de ensino lda (Portugal)
  • Instituto ikigai (Spain)
  • Stichting ki culture (Netherlands)
  • Univerzita mateja bela v banskej bystrici (Slovakia)

Intellectual Outputs

IO1: A European Framework For Digital Cultural Heritage In Compulsory Education (CHERISHED Framework)
IO2: E-Learning Platform
IO3: CHERISHED Teacher Training Programme
IO4: Cross-Country Curriculum Analysis And Recommendations Report
IO5: Cherished Self-assessment Tool


In regards to the long term impact, the CHERISHED project, contributes to develop and foster a theoretically-driven, empirically-tested, systematic, open education framework, for integration of digital cultural heritage in compulsory education with a focus on inclusion, through online professional development programmes and innovative learning practices, digital and non-digital, from bottom up, to ensure the needs of the target groups are addressed. In the long term, it is expected that a better quality of in-service professional development in reuse of cultural heritage digital resources for secondary education, and promote adoption and integration of digital cultural heritage. More systematic use of digital cultural heritage in compulsory education, especially focussing on inclusion of marginalised, diverse cultures of students’, could reverse stereotypes and encourage dialogue on sensitive heritage.

Our Role

The Square Dot Team is the Project Coordinator for the CHERISHED Project. In addition, SDT will lead the project on intellectual output 1, the CHERISHED Framework.