Transformative strategies: highlights from New Hera LTTA in Cyprus

What an Empowering Training Experience! The LTTA of NEW HERA project in Larnaca, Cyprus on December 5th & 6th, 2023, showcased transformative strategies and solutions that promise to revolutionize VET education. 🚀

Our mission? Transforming traditional face-to-face training methods into dynamic, high-quality online VET curricula and equip VET trainers & teachers with enhanced skills to effectively engage with students through existing e-learning platforms.

💡 Let’s continue to build on this momentum and drive positive change in education together! Stay tuned for more insights and opportunities to join us in reshaping the landscape of VET training.

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🔔 For a glimpse into the impactful discussions and learnings from the LTTA, or to explore future initiatives, feel free to join us!