New Hera Project

🚀 Exciting News for #VET #Teachers! 🌟 Dive into the Future of Education with the New Hera Project! 🌐✨

We have been pleased to have finalised the development of the NEW HERA platform which aims to enhance and #upskill the VET trainers and teacher’s competencies to better #assess and #communicate with their students through the existing #e-learning platforms, transforming the face-to-face training schemes into high-quality #onlineVETcurricula

🔗 Dive into the future at  and be part of the transformation!
The platform has been created in collaboration with our colleagues: Stephanie Maresch Dr Stefania Savva Mattia Rossetti Javier Esteban Cabanillas Sara Petrilli Valeria Lavano Nicola Vita
Exeo Lab Srl
SYNTHESIS Center for Research & Education
The Square Dot Team BV