Monthly Meetings for NewHera, INTERACTed, WeNEETlabs!

Today we had our montlhy meetings for #NewHera, #INTERACTed, #WeNEETlabs projects.

The partners discussed the next steps of the projects such as the planning of trainings, preparation of educational materials

Read below some information about the projects ?

The #NEW_HERA project aims to enhance and upskill the VET trainers and teacher’s competencies to better assess and communicate with their students through the existing e-learning platforms, transforming the face-to-face training schemes into high-quality online VET curricula.

The #WeNEETlabs is indented to directly address the digital transformation in the post-COVID-19 era, by focusing on social entrepreneurship for young NEET women during the pandemic.

The #INTERACTed aims to support primary school educators toward integration of interactive digital narratives (IDN) to develop their students’ socio-emotional intelligence and empathy, enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education.

Stay tuned for more news!