LoveAct KOM in Vilnius, Lithuania!

📣 Last day of the #LoveAct KOM here in Vilnius, Lithuania!
An amazing experience meet in person with our partners, to discuss about the plans we have for this project.

📌 LoveAct aims to reduce the risk of GBV and teen-dating violence by equipping teenagers, parents and educational staff with knowledge and competences in #CSE. In particular it aims to: produce quality educational materials, informative and networking tools on Sex-ed; build the capacity of educational staff to address issues related to Sex-Ed; empower teenagers live their sexuality and affectivity safely and positively, raise awareness on the importance of CSE.

#Activities include:
🔔 the co-design with target groups of CSE multimedia educational and informative materials and tools;
🔔 the conduction of capacity building activities with 200+ teachers; 🔔 the implementation of Sex-Ed sessions with 1000+ students;
🔔 the co-creation of an awareness campaign on the need for CSE.

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