CQ+ Project: Final Conference

The Final conference of the CQ+ project was held in Turnhout, Belgium!
The partnership welcomed the services that are born out of this inspirational transnational journey. In good company of Maarten Van Alstein and Ineke de Kort we looked back on training sessions, transnational project meetings, impact evaluations and the development of Interactive Infographics.
Together with stakeholders and peers we are looking forward to implement our learnings in schools, companies, voluntary organisations, local governments.
It was a pleasure working with colleagues from Skills Elevation – FHB Speha Fresia The Square Dot Team ┼ákola Dante Spectrum Research Centre Postal3 KMOP Blenders.
A big thank you to all the teachers, trainers and learners who tested our learning materials and our in service trainings.
Without you, we would’ve never been able to make our materials relevant enough