Last TPM for RestartVET in Brussels, Belgium!

?The last TPM of the #RestartVET #project took place in Brussels ?? on 7 December.

?️ The partners finally met, after the meeting hosted in Italy last summer, and were able to evaluate the many activities carried out over the last year and agree on the last steps that will accompany the cooperation until the end of the project!

? Restartvet project is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership program that supports VET teachers & trainers in their digital transformation. The project assesses the current digital skills of VET teachers and trainers and develops these skills further via innovative e-learning.

Innovation Hive ??
The Square Dot Team ??
Paydaş Eğitim Kültür ve Sanat Derneği ??
Cuiablue OÜ??
Entrepreneurship Institute – ENTRI??

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